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The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk

28 January 2012 - A follow up to last week's investigation where the same two rooms were covered and also other areas we hadn't investigated before.  There were a number of interesting incidents to report.  Firstly at 5:55pm, one investigator reported seeing a dog (albeit briefly) in the corner of his eye in the bar area; the sighting could not be replicated.  This was deemed insignificant until asking the receptionist whether anything had been reported in this area, whereby she immediately replied 'a dog'.  At 8:35am, two investigators heard what initially sounded like a 'rolling ball' but on further analysis, maybe something circular being dropped.  This was picked up by all three recording devices in the Thomas Payne Suite.  Between 8:44pm and 9:33pm, two investigators reported cold spots in the corner of Room 11.  A thermometer was placed in this area and confirmed it was 0.5c colder than the main room temperature.  They both also felt 'uneasy' in this room, which is something that is often reported.  As we entered into the kitchens at 11:39pm, one member saw a black shadowy figure 'flitting' through the doorway leading to the bistro.  On further investigation, we discovered there was a heavy swing door between the two rooms which would have been heard should anyone have actually walked through.  Lastly, sometime between 1:38am and 2:45am, one investigator heard a female voice from the room adjacent to Betty's lounge but we were unable to determine if this was a member of staff or resident.
21 January 2012 - It has been four years since our last vigil here, and again we covered the same two rooms as on our previous visit; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11.  There were a couple incidents to report from our investigation.  At approx 2:35am, one investigator heard a creaking sound outside the door of the Thomas Payne Suite, the sound was as if someone was standing in the corridor.  Then in the morning at 8:15am another investigator heard a clear 'whoosh' sound as she was leaving Room 11.  Replication was attempted but to no avail.  There were some possible photo anomalies but these are most likely to have been caused by reflection from the camera flash.
18 January 2008 - This was our second vigil here, whereby, we again covered the same two rooms of the hotel; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11. Not exactly a quiet night but this was mainly due to a residential party (not the paranormal!) Again, nothing significant to report and no repeat of any temperature fluctuations which we had last time; although these were almost certainly due to a defect with the thermometer that was used.

17 October 2004 - Our vigil covered two rooms of the hotel, the original "haunted" room (Thomas Payne Suite) and room 11 where there has been a lot of recent activity. Although the night was very quiet we did have two incidents with equipment located in room 11. A thermometer was fluctuating for no apparent reason and we had a problem with one of the CCTV cameras.


Thermometer Fluctuations

At 1:35am, a thermometer located in Room 11 (Cason: Model C70) started to fluctuate between 18.3ºc and 19.0ºc.  Periodic readings had been taken on a regular basis prior to this from 10pm with no real difference in temperature.  After a further 15 minutes, it was decided to relocate the thermometer to Room 10 for further analysis, the temperature was stable.  So could the fluctuations recorded in Room 11 have been caused by a draught?  A second thermometer (Oregon Scientific: Model THM912) that was placed in Room 11 remained steady at a temperature of 17.6ºc.  The Cason was then returned to Room 11 and the temperature remained stable until 3:18am when the fluctuations were repeated, this time between 17.0ºc and 18.4ºc.  So to prove a point the OS thermometer was placed alongside the Cason but the temperature remained stable whilst the Cason continued  to rise and fall.  The Cason thermometer was bought in July 2004 so is a reasonably new piece of equipment.  However, it has been used constantly on a daily basis and has never fluctuated like this before.  The graph below shows how the fluctuations occurred during a 2 minute period.
The following day after the vigil, some testing was carried out on both thermometers, they were placed in a room alongside each other and the temperature remained steady at 22.2ºc (Cason), 22.1ºc (OS Internal) and 22.3ºc (OS External).  They were both then placed near an open window and the following results (see below) were recorded.
To summarise, the Cason obviously has a slower response rate as does the internal sensor on the OS and as expected the external probe is far more responsive.  So if this is true, why did the Cason thermometer fluctuate so quickly and why did it only fluctuate in one specific location?