2-way PMR radio - to communicate with all team members.  Vigil report form - to document any incidents whether they be normal or abnormal.  Digital watch (with seconds indicator) - these are synchronised at the beginning of each investigation.  Other standard items include a portable chair, notepad, pens, clipboard and a first aid kit
Portable mindisc recorder with external microphone - used for high quality audio recording.  Analogue tape recorder - used for medium quality audio recording (or for taking notes).  MP3 recorder - used for low quality audio recording.
Digital PC Based (with motion detection) using up to 8 cameras including infrared, low light & standard cameras. Used to capture possible visual phenomena. The system is also vitally important for verifying location of  Investigators during a vigil, particularly when reviewing any incidents.
Digital cameras - used to survey venues and to possibly capture any visual evidence.  Other cameras include 35mm, SLR and Polaroid.  Camcorders (with nightvision) are also used, we use digital, Hi8 and 8mm, we also use wide lens for use in smaller rooms.
Digital thermometers - ionisers