24 September 2019 - Rowton Moor, Chester - We primarily focused on the field where the "clopping" sound was heard last year and once again we had another audible incident at 9:16pm when we heard what can only be described as a "loud determined thud/bang" twice in succession. This was short range and totally different to the ongoing background noise that could be heard all evening. It could simply have been something falling from one of the nearby trees, however we could not establish the cause so it remains unsolved.

15 June 2019 - St Botolph's Church, Skidbrooke, Lincolnshire - The church was last used in 1973 and is now looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.  It is said to be highly active with paranormal activity.  Such is it's reputation, even some of the locals refuse to visit the church.  We had one interesting incident when one investigator felt "weighted to the spot" in one of the corners of the church.

27 April 2019 - Royal Mills, Manchester - Report to follow shortly.

19 April 2019 - Private Residence, Birkenhead - Report to follow shortly.

6-8 April 2019 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland - We returned again for our third investigation at Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, this time focusing on the Lookout Apartment. In the early hours of Sunday at 2:19am, an investigator felt a gentle tug on the back of his jacket in the ground floor corridor outside the Landseer. Also at 7:01am in the double bedroom of the Lookout, an investigator felt like something touched/hand pressed their knee which was hanging out of the blanket. I think we are now getting the gist of the activity at Chillingham whereby the incidents seem to be very subtle and individual personal accounts.

21 March 2019 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - One interesting incident to report from our vigil.  At 9:49pm we were sitting around chatting when we suddenly heard what can only be described as someone agreeing or acknowledging us. The location was thought to be somewhere between the main gate and the car park.

24 February 2019 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin - Two incidents to report.  Sometime between 2:15am and 2:30am a very loud thud like a door being slammed was heard from the floor below the Tower Room. The second incident was at 2:30am when we heard what sounded like the door being locked from inside the Shakespeare Room.

16 February 2019 - Nab Cottage, Lake District During one of the first sessions quite early on in the evening, one of our investigators discovered that a lamp in room one had been knocked over.  Two investigators who were in the room prior to this said the lamp was upright when they had left the room.  Again in room one, an investigators slept in this room and whilst getting ready in the morning, she noticed that the lampshade on the other side of the room had tilted.  She straightened it and it was stiff to straighten so unsure how it could have happened.  Unfortunately we had no cameras in this room although the investigator had filmed the room prior to starting the investigation the night before and it was at a slightly different angle.

12 January 2019 - The Olde Nursery, Rock Ferry - Reputedly a very active venue in which there were a few incidents worthy of noting.  At 9:34pm, an "exhale" sound was heard from one of the corridors but unfortunately was ruled out after audio analysis.  However, during the final session in Classroom Two, an investigator felt she was pinched on the arm at 2:30am and another was poked in the back a couple of minutes after. Some light anomalies were seen in the Main Deck but there was probably a rational explanation for these.

10 November 2018 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno - Almost four years since our last investigation here.  According to the owner there has been recent activity around the fireplace on the first dancefloor but it was in the second bar that we had incidents reported.  A few light anomalies were seen by various investigators plus some also heard distant music and what sounded like a female singing or humming.

14 October 2018 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland - A follow up to our vigil here earlier this year.  This time we predominantly focused on the Dairy apartment.  At 2:39pm, one of our investigators felt a tug on her cardigan whilst setting up a camera in the kitchen area.  The only other incident was in the Minstrels Hall at 4:10pm when the tearooms menu board was seen to suddenly tilt of it's own accord.

23 & 24 September 2018 - Rowton Moor, Chester - On the eve of the anniversary of the battle which took place in 1645, we decided to check out this historical Civil war site. The Royalist leader Lord Bernand Stewart has been reputedly been seen on horseback galloping across the moors but was it his horse that two investigators heard 'clip clopping' at 9:01pm?  Plaintive music has also been said to be heard across the moors, this is thought to be that of musician William Lawes who was shot down by a Parliamentarian.  We returned to Rowton the following evening to specifically check out the area of the 'clip clopping' incident but there was nothing to report.

7 September 2018 - Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster - Locked in underground for 11 hours we had just one incident to report. At 3:55am a strong smell of perfume 'came and went' in the room opposite the Comms Room.

27 July 2018 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele - This was our third visit to Emily's Tower but this time we walked up the back of Llanddulas Mountain as we were hoping to see the Lunar Eclipse.  Unfortunately the moon was obscured by cloud for the duration of our visit and there was nothing else to report.

29 June 2018 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire - This was our first return to this venue since 2005.  The investigation included visits to the witches staircase, Stanner Nab, Peckforton Castle and the haunted bridge where there have been alleged sightings of a servant woman and the sounds of a horse and carriage.  However, there was nothing significant to report.

16 June 2018 - Moreton Corbet Castle, near Shrewsbury - Cursed by the Puritan Paul Holmyard, his ghost is said to haunt the grounds, stalking the empty walls to ensure the castle is not rebuilt. There was nothing to report from our investigation.

20 May 2018 - St Tudno's Churchyard & Anglesey - Report to follow shortly.

21-23 April 2018 - Chillingham Castle, Northumberland - We held a 48 hour investigation the Coaching Rooms and there were quite a number of incidents, most of which have now been debunked.  However we still have some left unexplained.  On Sunday 22nd at 3:41am, an investigator in the twin room felt a couple of taps on his bedsheet.  That same day at 7:44pm, two investigators heard a “sigh” possibly from the blue bedroom.  Later on at 10:01pm, an investigator reported the smell of cigarette smoke in the lounge.  Our final incident was on the Monday morning at 10:27am when an investigator went back through the main entrance door to the Coaching Rooms, he heard a loud distinct “growl” which has been previously reported by other guests.  We will be returning to Chillingham later this year to investigate another part of the castle.

21 March 2018 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - Another return to one of our regular venues but there was nothing significant to report.

25 February 2018 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin - Report to follow shortly.

10 February 2018 - Leasowe Lighthouse, near Moreton - Report to follow shortly.

23 November 2017 - Moreton Inn, Johnstown, Wrexham - We finally got an opportunity to follow up our previous vigil here but with only two minor incidents that were quickly explained, there was nothing to report.

11 November 2017 - Williamson's Tunnels, Liverpool - There was a lot of sound contamination at this location but fortunately most of the reported activity had been visual.  An interesting venue but nothing to report from our investigation.

23 October 2017 - Private Residence, Wallasey - Report to follow shortly.

14 October 2017 - Weir Mill, Stockport  - Our second visit to what was a really good venue previously.  All of the floors are no longer open plan having been converted into mazes for Airsoft which has made it very difficult to locate the source of any sound and to whether it is external or not.

9 August 2017 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold - This was our third vigil at this venue. Previously we had some interesting audibles but on this occasion all was quiet with nothing really to report.

28 July 2017 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - Another rainy investigation at this location but thankfully the skies cleared just before 10pm. We had two minor incidents (gate shutting and some light anomalies) but both most likely of natural causes.

10 June 2017 - Private Residence, Wroxeter - Reports of sudden temperature drops and an oppressive atmosphere have been reported on more than one occasion at this location in Shropshire.  What is believed to be Roman soldier’s have also been heard walking past the road outside.  Unfortunately there was nothing to report from our vigil.

20 May 2017 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire - Seven years since our last vigil here.  We investigated the usual areas of interest but there was nothing significant to report.

15 May 2017 - Former Plaza, Rhyl - We were called out to check out this venue as there had been some reports of activity but unfortunately there was nothing to report.

6 April 2017 - Tivoli Nightclub, Buckley - One of our investigators had recently attended a third party vigil here and witnessed some unusual light phenomena in the upper auditorium.  We managed to replicate the incident by directing torches through the air vents directly above the dancefloor below.

21 March 2017 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - A cold, wet and windy midweek vigil on one of the two possible dates of the alleged 'funeral procession'.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

17 March 2017 - The Party Shop, Mold - We returned for a follow up vigil and during a session in the cellar, one of the two way radios changed from channel 6 to 8 even though the key-lock was enabled. On the following session, the same thing happened to another investigator in the same location. Coincidence or some hidden meaning?

5 March 2017 - Clun Mill, Shropshire - Another long haul vigil with a number of incidents, some resolved and some that required further analysis.  After review, the only event we couldn't resolve was a rumbling sound heard in Room 4 @ 1:14am.

10 February 2017 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool - Our long awaited return to Newsham where this time we investigated the Psychiatric Wards, Laundry & Locker Rooms, Ward G and the Naughty Boys Corridor.  After many incidents on our previous vigil here back in June 2014, we were hopeful for some more activity but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

7 January 2017 - Nab Cottage, Lake District - Three years since over previous vigil here, we were privileged to be given another opportunity to investigate this beautiful cottage up in the Lakes.  There were a few minor audible incidents but nothing really significant enough to report.

3 December 2016 - 30 East Drive, Pontefract - Famous for it's "Black Monk of Pontefract" this three bedroom council house is said to still be producing regular activity so we decided to check out what all of the fuss was about.  Nothing spectacular happened however we did have a couple of incidents.   At 3:57am, one investigator heard what sounded like "swiping sounds" across his sleeping bag in the box bedroom.   Shortly after this, three investigators located in the lounge heard "four knocks" from the kitchen at 4:07am.  Could this have been the central heating system located above?

20 November 2016 - Trevor Arms, Marford - On our fifth vigil at this venue we investigated room 20 and part of the grounds inside a marquee. Unfortunately there was nothing to report.

23 October 2016 - Gwysaney Arms, Rhydymwyn, Mold - We were contacted by the owners of what was formerly The Antelope, to check out reports of a dark shadow or male figure being seen regularly in the bar area.  During our only investigation here it wasn't long before we worked out that the anomaly was being caused by street lighting on the road that the pub resides.

10 September 2016 - Old Halkyn, Llangwstenin & St Tudno's Churchyard - Three different venues in one night like we did three years ago.  We returned once again to Old Halkyn Cemetery where there have been two separate sightings of a figure. There is a 6ft 6" drop (approx) on the other side of the wall but we were able to replicate with someone walking on the opposite side of the road and as the witnesses stated, he could be seen 'from the waist up'.  Our second venue was Llangwstenin Cemetery where a figure has allegedly been seen in the cemetery from the roadside.  Could one of the tall gravestones have been misinterpreted?  So to our third and final venue of the night, St Tudno's Churchyard on the Great Orme in Llandudno. At 10:08pm two investigators saw two green lights near the arched entrance.  We tried to replicate the incident with torches but were unable to do so.  Fortunately the footage was captured on a camcorder.  During our post analysis, the torch theory was ruled out although we did come up with a couple of other possible explanations which require further investigation.  We initially decided to check out St Tudno's because we received a reported incident in one of the churches. We plan to return sometime in the future during daylight to investigate further.

28 August 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - Our third vigil here this year and this time on one of the two possible dates of the alleged 'funeral procession'.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

10 August 2016 - Wrexham/Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn - We last investigated this location adjacent to Plas Teg back in September 2007.  We carried out a number of drive-bys along the dual carriageway,a complete walk-around the location and also spent some time outside the two entrances to Plas Teg.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

30 July 2016 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele  - Another tip up to Emily's Tower but again the only incident to report was at the Melon House.  A camcorder went out of focus twice and was preceded by a sudden loud ‘thud’ being heard. The ‘out of focus’ issue may have been due to IR light from another camcorder and the ‘thud’ possibly nearby twigs or logs moving/falling.

29 July 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - Only one minor incident to report from our vigil.  What sounded like gates being opened/closed in a nearby field was heard on two separate occasions. There was nobody else around but could have simply been wind or even cattle.

17 June 2016 - The Party Shop, Mold - There were a few interesting incidents reported, but one in particular stood out when a group located in the cellar heard what sounded like 'a chair being dragged' across the floor above at 10:20pm; it appeared that nobody above had made any movement.  However, on review of our audio recordings, we discovered that a guest had actually made their chair produce a 'loud creak' which tallied up with the sound heard in the cellar.

20 May 2016 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - It has been almost eleven years since our very first vigil here but unfortunately all was very peaceful and quiet with nothing to report.

10 April 2016 - Trevor Arms, Marford - Our forth vigil at this venue and this time we were joined by reporter Sarah Hodgson from the Daily Post Wales who was keen to find out what's been happening at this 18th century coaching inn.  This time we concentrated on rooms 16 and 30 but there was nothing to report.

21 March 2016 - Pot & Kettle, Rhyl - We held a follow up vigil here after some interesting incidents at our previous visit but unfortunately all was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

15 February 2016 - Pot & Kettle, Rhyl -  Various activity had recently been reported so we were called out to investigate further.  At 9:55pm, two investigators reported ‘a cold feeling to the back’ in the ladies toilets to which our Flir One thermal imaging camera dropped to -8c and shortly after it stabilised at 8.4c.  We came to the conclusion that this was most likely a software flaw.  Also, an 'unknown substance' appeared in the toilet corridor after we had spent almost an hour investigating this area. We left the corridor shortly after 10:12pm and returned to the area at 10:30pm when it was discovered. Had we just not noticed it beforehand? It seems unlikely but can't be ruled out for sure.  

7 February 2016 - Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham - This ‘never before investigated’ hotel has had numerous accounts of activity reported in room 225.  A female figure has also been seen outside this room and a ‘floating anomaly’ was witnessed by two people outside room 228.  Further along the same corridor, a black shadow/figure was seen walking past the doorway and stopping into a wall.  In room 104, many guests have reported a strong smell of lavender and in the corridor by the kitchens, doors closing and other miscellaneous sounds have been heard when nobody present.  In the bar there are reports of a figure walking through the restaurant area.  During our investigation, we had a few guests and another paranormal group were carrying out their own separate vigil.  Although it was a quiet night we did have a few investigators report creaking, taps and movement coming from room 228 (vacant) at around 10:15pm. Some Ghanon members stayed through until 8am occupying rooms 104 and 225 but there was nothing significant to report.  We are currently discussing plans for a follow up.

15 December 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford - Our third vigil at this venue.  This time we focused on the main building investigating the upper floors and later on, the bar and restaurant.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

20 November 2015 - Weir Mill, Stockport  - Shadows, voices and temperature drops are just some of the incidents that have been reported at this old abandoned Cotton Mill which dates back to the 1790's.  We investigated a number of areas within the building but there was nothing significant to report.

23-25 October 2015 - Private Residence, Wallasey - A full weekend investigation was held whereby visual phenomena had been reported by more than one witness.  Only one incident to report when one investigator thought somebody tapped him on the shoulder in the cellar area.  The footage was caught on camera but neither anything paranormal nor human could be seen to cause the incident.

17 October 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford - Since our first visit, one of the residents had witnessed a sighting in Room 18 next to the archway.  Unfortunately we were unable to access this room and not much happened during our vigil.  However, we did solve one mystery from the previous vigil whereby we heard a shuffling/movement in the bar area.  This was heard again and on further investigation, we discovered that an ice machine in the cellar was the cause.

28 September 2015 - Thurstaston Beach, Wirral - The group decided to take a break from "normal" investigations to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse as we did 8 years ago at Dinas Bran in Llangollen.

21 August 2015 - Trevor Arms, Marford - We first inquired to investigate the Trevor back in 2003 and it wasn't until now that we finally got our chance.  A cavalier is said to haunt one of the upper rooms, a young girl has been seen in the bar as has a woman who sits by the fireplace.  Activity has also been reported in some of the rooms at the back of the pub, in particular room 30.  We had one interesting incident during vigil.  During a break, two investigators were located in the upper corridor chatting when a desk drawer suddenly opened of it's own accord.  One other investigator actually seen it open.  We tried to replicate the incident but were unable to do so.

10 July 2015 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - We had a little battle with the rain but managed to get through the investigation. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

20 June 2015 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele - We focused the investigation on Lady Emily's Tower.  A bright light was seen on the footpath at 11:44pm but video footage did not show this. We also investigated the Melon House towards the end of the vigil when at 1:08am a loud thud was heard which we have yet to explain.

9 May 2015 - Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire - Doors slamming, voices and objects disappearing are just some of the many incidents that have been reported here at the Gaol which was built in 1775.  It is said to be haunted by William Hughes who was hanged for the murder of his wife.  Another supposed spirit is that of a young girl called Josephine, thought to be the daughter of a former prison governor.  Interestingly, activity has been reported during the day and night.  However during our vigil there was nothing significant to report.

27 & 28 March 2015 - Private Residence, New Ferry - We returned for a full weekend investigation but there was only one incident to report when a couple of investigators heard a 'hissing' sound in the master bedroom during the first session on the first night.

28 February 2015 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno -  We returned for a third vigil here but it was a very quiet night with nothing significant to report.

12 February 2015 - Moreton Inn, Johnstown, Wrexham - There have been recent reports of 'poltergeist type' activity in the bar area and some staff feel uncomfortable when going down to the cellar.  We didn't experience anything during our vigil but we did record extremely high EMF readings in the cellar which would explain the 'uncomfortable' feelings.

16 January 2015 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele - Organised and attended by Preservation Trust founder Mark Baker, we investigated a number of locations around the castle.  We had two interesting incidents in the Melon House. A loud dull thud was heard at 11:29pm and a male voice was heard by numerous investigators at 12:30am.

4 January 2015 - RAF Tilstock, Prees Heath - A follow up to our vigil here last year.  We arrived at 5am on a very cold and dark frosty morning and it was another interesting visit but there was nothing of any significance to report.

15 November 2014 - Private Residence, New Ferry - A third vigil at this venue.  A few investigators felt emotional during the investigation after the client gave the team a personal insight into the tragic story of this case.  It is highly likely that this could have influenced their experiences.

25 October 2014 - Pen Y Lan Hall, Ruabon - A grade II listed regency gothic house located near the village of Ruabon. In most areas of the hall and outbuildings there was nothing much to report, apart from the Piano Room whereby we had some very interesting light anomalies. At 8:38pm two investigators saw an 'arc of light' appear near the fireplace / doorway and at 9:02pm both witnessed another similar incident. Without sharing this information with others, another investigator reported the same thing at 11:14pm. Other visual anomalies were also reported in the same room by other investigators during the vigil. We could not find any source to the phenomena but would be well worth a more thorough investigation in this particular room should we ever return.

3 October 2014 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - Our 10th official vigil at this venue whereby a number of minor incidents were reported.  However, It is worth noting that it was a very windy night and as we are well aware, there are a number of animals at this location which could provide rational explanations.  One investigator stated that they had felt uneasy since arrival. 

2 August 2014 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno - A follow up vigil after a number of interesting incidents on our first visit a few months earlier.  We had a number of incidents reported particularly during session 5 between 12:11am & 12L35am but none of which were of any real significance.

11 July 2014 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach - At 11:26pm, one investigator noted that he had heard his name being called but after conferring with all members present, nobody else had heard it so nothing more was thought of it.  That was until we reviewed our recordings and the same sound could easily be heard.  A camcorder recording in stereo indicated that the sound had probably emanated from the south-west side of the churchyard and this was confirmed when we tried replicating the issue during a day visit a few days later.  All audio recorders were clearly examined just in case another investigator had unintentionally said something that resembled the sound but the results were negative.  This has to be one of the most intriguing incidents we have had at this location.

11 July 2014 - Priviate Residence, New Ferry - A follow vigil at this semi-detached house.  An usual smell of 'garbage' on the staircase was witnessed by two investigators and a possible 'growl' heard in the spare room.

21 June 2014 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool - Expectations were high and for once we were not to be disappointed.  At the end of our first session, one group reported a ‘strong smell of roast dinner’ at 10:07pm as they were leaving the Naughty Boys Corridor.  During the second session between 10:30pm/12am, some investigators felt ‘uneasy’ in Ward G, which is something that is often reported in this area.  At 1:32am there was a significant loud bang on a glass window in the Basement, however we could not confirm if this was someone (outside of the group) in the courtyard; further personal experiences were experienced again in the Basement a few minutes afterwards.  Finally at 3:01am we discovered ‘tea light candles’ scattered all over the floor in Ward G but because it was so dark it’s possible that someone had either accidentally knocked them over, or a resident had been in the room during a break. 

10 May 2014 - Penrhyn Old Hall, Llandudno - Penrhyn is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts.  The Baronial Hall and the room above it appear to be the most active; this is also where a monk is said to have been seen.  Another reported sighting is that of an old lady in the Tudor bar who sits to the left of the fireplace and sometimes is known to walk up the staircase; a young girl is also said to haunt this area.  In the restaurant, chairs have been moved and salt was sprinkled on tables by a mischievous young boy. Also the spirit of a bad tempered young man and a soldier are said to be active in one of the function rooms. During our vigil we had a few minor incidents; a bag mysteriously fell off a bench at 9:45pm in ‘Bar One’, an unknown light source was witnessed in ‘Bar Two’ at 10:30pm plus some investigators felt uneasy and experienced ‘hot flushes’ in the ‘Dancefloor Two’ area between 10:40pm & 11pm.  A follow up vigil has already been arranged for August.

11 April 2014 - Priviate Residence, New Ferry - We were asked to look into a case at a three bedroom semi-detached house in New Ferry where the residents had reported a number of unexplained incidents.  Their child has been heard ‘talking to someone’, toys have been moved about during the night, a shaver with no batteries switched itself on and her sister once ran out of the house when the bathroom shower and all of the taps mysteriously started running.  After we initially interviewed the clients in February, we received a further report on 19 March 2014 of ‘a lot of movement’ being heard in the kitchen between 1am & 1:30am.  The sound of kitchen draws opening, something being ‘dropped and also a heavy item being dragged across the floor.  During our vigil there were a couple of minor incidents, but probably the most intriguing event was during post analysis of our captured audio.  At 11:43pm in the child’s bedroom, there is a clear female whisper which sounds like ‘you looking after them’.  The only person it could have been is one of the clients but they insist it was not them.  Out of the three recorders that were placed upstairs, it is clearest on the camcorder that was located in the bedroom whereby nobody was present at the time of the incident.

6 April 2014 - RAF Tilstock, Prees Heath - This interesting venue has been host to many uses.  It began life as a training base for the British Army in 1915, it was then used as storage supplies, then it became a hospital and fully working army barracks, it was an internment camp for German & Austrian refugees and after Jan 1946 the buildings were home to many Polish families until the late 1950’s.  Phenomena reported at Tilstock includes feelings of unease, footsteps, unexplainable sounds, physical phenomena and shadows/figures have been seen within the buildings and surrounding woodland.  The only incident to report from our vigil was during session two (9:05pm-10:09pm) when two investigators heard possible voices & footsteps in the Nissan Hut area.  A very interesting venue worthy of a follow up.

1 March 2014 - Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool - We finally got to take part in a vigil at one of Liverpool's most talked about venues.  The investigation was run by another paranormal group and we covered a number of areas: the complete second floor which included the Psychiatric Ward and 'naughty boys corridor', the morgue and also the 'psycho cinema'.  There were a few incidents but with not knowing the other guests (and it being pitch black) it was difficult to ascertain whether they had caused the phenomena.  So, nothing of any major significance but a fantastic venue to which we will be returning for our own private investigation later in the year.

1 February 2014 - Private Residence, Halmer End, Stoke-on-trent - We were given the opportunity to investigate a detached Edwardian town house in Halmer End where there had been numerous reports of possible activity.  Figures walking through walls, feelings of a presence on the landing, plus unexplainable noises throughout the house.  During our vigil we witnessed some interesting audible events at 8:27pm and 8:41pm but after some testing, it was proved likely to have been of an external source.  There was nothing else to report.

25 January 2014 - Nab Cottage, Lake District - We returned for a follow up vigil at this idyllic cottage in Ambleside which was once the home of poet Thomas deQuincey.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

16 November 2013 - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich - A follow up vigil to last year but unfortunately nothing significant to report.

16 August 2013 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold - Our long awaited follow up at this venue (five years to be precise!)  Previously, we had an interesting event whereby two investigators heard what sounded like “a bouncy ball being dropped”.  It was thought that the source of the sound was that of a nearby stable door to which we finally attempted to replicate; the results were negative.  As for the remainder of the vigil, we did have one incident to report.  Scratching noises were heard by all investigators at 10:05pm in the first floor central room; we immediately investigated the area expecting to find an animal of some sort but nothing could be found.  Important to note that both the “bouncy ball” and “scratching” incidents occurred during formal ‘quiet’ sessions.
20 July 2013 - Old Halkyn, Old St Chads & St Edith's Churchyard - This was a first for the group as we investigated three different venues in one night.  The first being Old Halkyn Cemetery in North Wales where a recent sighting in daylight had been reported; unfortunately during our vigil there was nothing to report.  Our second venue was a return to Old St Chads in Cheshire, again nothing to report but we did unexpectedly get an exclusive tour from the owner.  Finally on our last visit we returned to St Edith's Churchyard in Shocklach whereby we had our only incident of the night.  At 11:40pm an investigator heard what sounded like 'a glass falling over' from inside the church.  We immediately checked all around the church for any fallen objects that might have explained the incident but nothing appropriate could be found.
22 June 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey - We returned for a third successive vigil at this venue but unfortunately there was not much to report this time around, although the whistling sound was heard again at 9:40pm in the tunnel area. 
17 May 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey  - A few incidents were reported during our follow up investigation.  In the tunnel area a 'sigh' was heard at 9:01pm and breathing/whispering heard at 10:26pm.  We were also given the opportunity to investigation one of the former bar areas whereby one of our team saw a shadow in the hallway just before the stroke of midnight.  This could possibly have been a passing car but we were unable to replicate.
15 March 2013 - Former Chelsea Nightclub, New Brighton, Wallasey - Ghanon's 100th vigil took place at a location that has for many years been linked with stories of the paranormal.  During the investigation, some members did experience 'tingling' sensations and a tapping sound was heard in the tunnel area; all of which occurred between 9:15pm and 9:33pm.  A whistling sound was also heard on two separate occasions but this could have been of external source.  The remainder of the investigation was particularly quiet. 
23 February 2013 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin - Returning for our third vigil, we set up our base in the Shakespeare Room.  Previous witnesses have reported a number of incidents such as indentation on bed sheets, the bathroom door opening and closing of it's own accord, rumbling sounds had been heard and a medium claimed the room was occupied by a woman in grey uniform, who was supposedly checking up on the cleaning staff.  The only incident to report from our investigation was that a couple of members felt 'uncomfortable' in the chapel.  We also suggested some possible solutions to the activity reports.  The rumbling sound could have been the pool table in the bar below which whilst we were investigating made a significant rumbling sound.  As for the opening and closing of the bathroom door, we tested this numerous times and were able to replicate this when waling over a specific patch of floorboard.

27 January 2013 - Borley, Essex - The village gained fame during Harry Price's ten year investigation into Borley Rectory which was dubbed 'The Most Haunted House in England' until it was destroyed by fire in 1939.  The activity was then said to have moved across the road to the churchyard.  More recently there have been reports of unexplainable sounds in the porch area of the church.  Figures are supposedly still seen in and around the churchyard but does the phantom nun still make an appearance?  Is the sound of coach and horses still heard?  Our short vigil was held during daylight from dawn onwards but there was nothing really of any significance to report.
26 January 2013 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk - After our active investigations last year, we decided to return earlier that we had done in previous years.  Once again we covered the Thomas Payne Suite (now Room 29), Room 11 (now Room 30) and Betty's Lounge; we also obtained Room 22.  The vigil was very quiet throughout although we did have one incident whereby an investigator briefly saw a 'black shadow like shape' in Betty's Lounge at 2:09am; a second team member also witnessed the sighting in the corner of his eye.

12 January 2013 - Nab Cottage, Lake District - Built in 1732, the cottage has been home to many residents who have had lived troubled lives.  They include Thomas deQuincey (The Opium Eater) and Hartley Coleridge, a talented poet and close friend of William Wordsworth who was a major English Romantic poet.  Today the cottage is a B&B and over the years many guests have reported seeing a 'sensuous young woman' or 'Victorian lady' in room 7.  Other sightings include a guitarist on the stairs, a man with a wooden leg and a figure outside in the barn.  Another common occurrence is that of loud noise being heard from the hallway during the night; laughter, shouting, heavy footsteps and doors banging.  Guests assumed this was late night revelers only to be told the following morning that there were no other guests present.  During our investigation there were a few incidents to report.  Firstly, one of our audio recorders picked up a distant 'female singing' at 7:15pm on the stairs.  However, this occurred during setup so it could quite easily have been one of our investigators.  One team member also heard 'three knocks' upon the door of room 4 at 7:53pm, but on review of the recording it was clearly evident that this was caused by loose floorboards when the investigator walked through the hallway.  The third incident is the only event to remain unexplained; two team members briefly smelt 'germoline' on the stairs at 2:30am.  Again this could have been one of our investigators but none admit to using any such product during the vigil.  So overall quiet but 'food for thought' for a possible follow up vigil.
13 October 2012 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin - We returned for a follow up vigil at this splendid hotel in rural North Wales but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
22 September 2012 - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, Nantwich - There are various hotspots whereby paranormal activity is alleged to take place at this once secret bunker.  Audible and visual, but most of all people have reported feeling unwell, dizzy, uncomfortable etc.  It is not hard to see why a number of people have reported these phenomena.  The whole place has an eerie feel to it with gas masks, geiger counters and mannequins randomly located around the building which is in complete darkness during investigations due to the linked motion detected exhibits.  It feels very much like you've gone back in time!  So it was no surprise that during our vigil one of our investigators has to leave the Government Dept Room at 7:43pm due to feeling unwell.  There were a few other minor incidents, particularly in the Cinema but nothing with any scientific significance.
1 September 2012 - Old St Chad's Churchyard, Cheshire - Standing in a field alone, half a mile from the nearest road, the church dates from 1689 and is built on the site of an older timber framed church.  Interestingly, an outbuilding houses an old horse drawn hearse which dates from 1880 having last been used in the 1920's.  There is a legend that if anyone sees a while owl flying down the tower and lands in the churchyard then they, or someone close to them will die.  A couple of other paranormal groups have also visited this location and as it was on our patch, we decided to take a look for ourselves.  At 9:13pm, two investigators heard voices near the outbuilding at the front of the churchyard.  Shortly after we carried out some tests which proved that that sounds could 'possibly' have carried with the wind from a nearby location.  After the vigil, we decided to stop off at one of our more familiar venues just down the rouad; St Edith's Churchyard in Shochlach.  At 1:05am approx, one investigator thought that they may have seen a black figure amongst the gravestones but this may just have been a trick of the light.  However, it was noted that investigators felt more comfortable at St Edith's as opposed to Old St Chad's, even members who had not visited either site before.
1 September 2012 - A Private Residence in Allerton, Liverpool - One of our investigators has been continually monitoring this location for some time now and has even obtained some unexplained audio prior to joining Ghanon.  We decided to send along a few investigators to check it out.  The only incident to report from the vigil was that three investigators heard what sounded like footsteps at 10.45 pm in one of the above bedrooms.
4 August 2012 - Whittington Castle, Oswestry - Various activity has been reported at what remains of this 12th century castle, both inside and within the grounds.  There were a few incidents to report from our investigation.  At 10:24pm various investigators witnessed the sound of footsteps.  We tried replicating the event to which we were convinced that the source was that of a guest investigator who turned up midway through the vigil; post analysis of our audio recordings confirmed this.  An interesting incident was witnessed twice by two separate investigators whom heard what sounded like 'the scrunching of cellophane' in the gift shop area at 11:10pm and 11:35pm; for this we have no explanation.  A number of investigators also felt 'uneasy' in the Courtroom between 12:38am and 1:01am.
7 July 2012 - Woodlands Hall Hotel, Ruthin - There has been a building on the site of the hall for hundreds of years with the current mock Tudor mansion being constructed around 1870.  Many reports of acvtivity have been reported throughout the hotel, the Tower Room being more active than others.  Guests have also witnesses the sound of 'horse's hooves' within the ground of the hall's caravan park.  They appear to follow a specific route to and from what is now the children's play area.  During our investigation there were two incidents to report.  The first was at 12:36am when a door hatch within the Tower Room appeared to have opened whilst the room had been vacated.  On further investigation it was discovered that a sudden closing of the entrance door would cause the hatch to open.  Another door (bathroom) was found to be half closed after one of our investigators had left it wide open; however this time the event could not be replicated.
9 June 2012 - Private Case in Pen-y-ffordd : We were given the opportunity to investigate a building where there has been a report of two young girls being sighted in the main hall, unexplainable draughts and on one occasion, a dog refused to enter the same room.  During our investigation we did try to replicate the latter a number of times but with no positive results.  The remainder of the vigil was quiet with nothing significant to report.
25 May 2012 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : A second vigil here within a week, and this time we were joined by special guests from a local dancing troupe.  A couple of incidents worthy of noting, the first being at 11:23pm when two investigators heard footsteps/movement on the lane.  A likely explanation could possibly be an animal but nothing could be found on investigation.  The second incident occurred between 12:10am and 12:20am when all present were located on the lane by the churchyard entrance.  Various investigators experienced intermittent smells of alcohol.  We immediately investigated the area and all attendees were checked but no source could be found.
19 May 2012 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach: Our sixth vigil at this location where we finally managed to walk the entire unused lane (reputedly the scene of a ghostly procession) alongside the church to the River Dee.  There was one minor incident at 9:45pm when a dull 'thud' was heard possibly from within the empty church.  Aside from that, the vigil was very quiet.  Post analysis provided us with a possible anomaly on one of our photographs but this was proven to be simulacra created by a water butt to the south side of the church.
14 April 2012 - Empress Tattoo, Birkenhead : We returned for a follow up vigil and also invited along a special guest, Dave Shirley from Wirral Psychic & Paranormal Workshop.  Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
10 March 2012 - Plas Teg, Pontyblyddyn : It has been just over four years since our last vigil here and on this occasion we had complete control of the whole investigation.  We covered many rooms within this 17th century Jacobean mansion and also managed to spend some time in the Indian Bedroom where one of our investigators experienced a visual event back in 2004.  Unfortunately on this occasion, although there were a number of minor incidents, it was a really quiet night with nothing of any real significance to report.
25 February 2012 - Private Residence in Bootle, Merseyside : We were referred this case by TAPS to investigate a two bedroom, two storey terrace house in Bootle, Merseyside.  Activity began shortly after the couple moved into the property three years ago.  The first incident took place during the initial move when the homeowner saw an old lady at the top of the stairs, only to suddenly disappear.  On another occasion he heard someone walking up the stairs and saw 'something' going into the bedroom, thinking it maybe his partner he called out, but she was downstairs.  There have also been numerous sightings from the lounge of movement and quick flashes that are described as figures on the stairway.  Footsteps have also been heard from the bathroom above the kitchen and from the attic above the master bedroom.  Both residents claim to have heard their names being said in their ears.  Their daughter has had numerous sightings within the house and often plays with a little boy; although her parents are not sure whether this is an imaginary friend.  A number of interesting incidents occurred during our investigation.  Sometime between 8:40pm and 9:05pm, an investigator saw something move from left to right in the master bedroom.  At 9:41pm the sound of 'something being dragged' was heard by all, although the source of this is most likely to be from next door.  A drop in temperature was felt by investigators in the lounge sometime between 9:30pm and 9:59pm but no scientific evidence to backup the event.  The last incident to note was at 10:41pm when one investigator possibly saw something; again this was in the master bedroom.  The client also told us that his partner suffered frequent headaches in an area where it was discovered there was a nearby heater which are known to emit EMF (electromagnetic fields) so this being a possible cause.
11 February 2012 - Empress Tattoo, Birkenhead : The tattoo parlour is part of a grade II listed building with shops either side and flats above.  Staff and guests at the shop have reported various audio phenomena (footsteps, thuds, etc) from the shop area and stairwell, particularly when they have been located in the basement.  Objects within the shop area have also been reported to move or fall to the floor for no apparent reason.  During our investigation, there was notable noise from the residents in the flat directly above the shop and also a lot of traffic noise.  These sounds were loud and clear in the shop area but could also be heard whilst located in the basement.  We did hear some loud sounds in the basement including heavy footsteps at 8:15pm.  They appeared to be coming from the stairwell or tattooing area (to the right) but on review of our audio recordings they suggest that the most likely cause being the neighbouring premises on the other side of the stairwell.  There were some interesting sounds recorded in the shop area during session one whilst every person present was in the basement.  Every now and then you can hear a significant tap or click as if something very small has been dropped/thrown to the floor which incidentally is consistent with the reported phenomena.  Report forms completed on the night by our investigators noted these in a later session whilst located in the shop area but suggested it could simply be building settlement noise.
28 January 2012 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk : A follow up to last week's investigation where the same two rooms were covered and also other areas we hadn't investigated before.  There were a number of interesting incidents to report.  Firstly at 5:55pm, one investigator reported seeing a dog (albeit briefly) in the corner of his eye in the bar area; the sighting could not be replicated.  This was deemed insignificant until asking the receptionist whether anything had been reported in this area, whereby she immediately replied 'a dog'.  At 8:35pm, two investigators heard what initially sounded like a 'rolling ball' but on further analysis, maybe something circular being dropped.  This was picked up by all three recording devices in the Thomas Payne Suite.  Between 8:44pm and 9:33pm, two investigators reported cold spots in the corner of Room 11.  A thermometer was placed in this area and confirmed it was 0.5c colder than the main room temperature.  They both also felt 'uneasy' in this room, which is something that is often reported.  As we entered into the kitchens at 11:39pm, one member saw a black shadowy figure 'flitting' through the doorway leading to the bistro.  On further investigation, we discovered there was a heavy swing door between the two rooms which would have been heard should anyone have actually walked through.  Lastly, sometime between 1:38am and 2:45am, one investigator heard a female voice from the room adjacent to Betty's lounge but we were unable to determine if this was a member of staff or resident.
21 January 2012 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk : It has been four years since our last vigil here, and again we covered the same two rooms as on our previous visit; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11.  There were a couple incidents to report from our investigation.  At approx 2:35am, one investigator heard a creaking sound outside the door of the Thomas Payne Suite, the sound was as if someone was standing in the corridor.  Then in the morning at 8:15am another investigator heard a clear 'whoosh' sound as she was leaving Room 11.  Replication was attempted but to no avail.  There were some possible photo anomalies but these are most likely to have been caused by reflection from the camera flash.

20 November 2011 - Willington Hall, Tarporley: Although our first investigation here two months ago was eventless, we thought the hotel had potential… and we were right! A cold spot was experienced by two investigators in the Red Room (pseudonym) at 8:49pm and although we didn't get a chance to measure the event scientifically, we can conclude that no cause could be found upon checking nearby windows and doors. At 12:31am, footsteps / movement was clearly heard by two members of the group located on the first floor landing; the sound appeared to be either in the reception area or on the staircase. There is a possibility that the heating or ventilation system was to blame but we won't know for sure until our next investigation here. We also had numerous single witness incidents for which only those involved can decide whether they were significant or not.
30 September 2011 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe :  We first investigated Winter Gardens back in February 2008 where we had a very active vigil, a follow up later that year was eventless. So this was our third vigil here and we were not to be disappointed. We had a couple of isolated cold spots reported in the cellar and on the first floor balcony, three separate single witness incidents in the Ladies Dressing Room and at 2:38am various investigators witnessed what sounded like a 'bouncy ball' dropping directly in front of them, again in the Ladies Dressing Room. We did have three other incidents crop up during our post analysis but after some investigation it was presumed they were of natural causes. An unusually busy vigil during and afterwards!
12 September 2011 - Willington Hall, Tarporley : There has been a lot of recent activity reported at this fabulous country hotel. A dark female figure has been seen regularly in the Green Room (pseudonym) walking past the end of the bed. On one occasion, the figure stood motionless for a short while in the corner of the room then suddenly rushed past the bed and up to the ceiling. It is thought that the female may have been murdered but there is no factual evidence to back up the story. In the Blue Room (pseudonym), a vase was found to be moved to the other side of the room with the flowers lying on the floor. Someone has also reported being touched on the shoulder whilst vacuuming. On the ground floor, shadows and/or shapes have often been sighted in the corridor and the sound of 'children running' has been heard coming from the corridor above. One witness has also reported seeing 'legs dangling from the ceiling' where there was once a staircase. The most recent incident to date happened only two weeks ago in the Red Room (pseudonym) when someone witnessed a female figure drying her hair with a towel whilst seated on one of the chairs. So to the vigil which was a rare weekday vigil for the group and with no guests in residence at the hotel, this allowed us a good controlled investigation without too much interruption. Apart from the normal thuds and creaks, there was nothing really significant to report from our investigation although we are hoping to hold a follow-up vigil in the not too distant future.
19 August 2011 - The Millstone, Pen-y-ffordd : The vigil was organised with kind permission from the owners Charlie and Jayne, to raise funds for a local dancing troupe whom also attended the event.  The Mill has had ongoing activity ever since the owners moved in two years ago and is alleged to be haunted by three spirits.  A young female is said to frequent the restaurant and kitchen areas, a black caped figure has been seen in and around the corridors of the pub, the third is said to be the most prominent.  Some time ago, a medium had informed the owners that the mischievous but harmless spirit that likes to play games, move objects, knock on doors, etc is that of a five or six year old child.  The medium also gave a name of Florence Hollins and believes they were buried at the nearby churchyard in Hope.  However, there is also a rumour that the child’s body is bricked up behind the archway in the cellar, a location which seems to be the focal point of the activity.  During the initial interview with the landlord, whilst we were talking about ‘Florence’ in the bar area, a cardboard rack of Scampi Fries fell to the floor which was just a typical example of the activity that takes place here.  The number of guests on the vigil completely outnumbered the amount of Ghanon investigators and with expectations high, it was inevitable that there would be a number of reported incidents that would no doubt have ‘normal’ explanations.  The only unexplainable event was when one of our security lights triggered twice at 2:12am.  The device was setup in the cellar pointing away from the investigation area, and looking towards the stairwell.  The light should only trigger when movement is detected within a 90 degree radius, not majorly significant but certainly somewhat of interest.

13 August 2011 - Private Residence in Banbury, Oxfordshire : A member of the public got in touch with us to advise that she had been experiencing various paranormal phenomena since she moved into her three bedroom terrace three years ago.  Audible sounds have been heard from the upstairs rooms as if someone is rising from a bed or chair and then walking a couple of steps; unexplainable noises have also been heard on the staircase, that thought to be of a male spirit.  Knocking on the front door of the property is also a regular occurrence and the witness has also experienced cold draughts and felt as if someone has walked past her bed at night.  One other interesting event that has been reported is that of the faint sounds of a train passing nearby which usually occurs on a Tuesday or Thursday.  The phenomena tends to be active between midnight and 3am, also 9am until midday.  The owner’s daughter and other visitors have also witnessed some of the incidents.  She also says that one of her neighbours informed her that the house was active prior to her moving in.  As this was a one shot vigil, we deployed almost all of our equipment in an attempt to capture some evidence but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.  Even after we had left, the client informed us that nothing had happened afterwards.
11 June 2011 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele : Over three years since our last visit here, we decided to investigate Gwyrch again as work is still yet to commence on it’s transformation to a luxury five star hotel.  As ever at this wonderful location, an enjoyable night was had by all but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
11 March 2011 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : This was our fifth vigil at what is reputedly a ‘very active' site but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.
26 November 2010 - Office Block in Crewe : We held a follow-up vigil with only one minor incident to report.  Three investigators heard ‘what sounded like’ footsteps or a ‘door knocking sound’ on the stairwell adjacent to the far room on the 8th floor.  We immediately investigated the surrounding areas for possible causes.  It wasn’t the security guard as he was found to still be located on the ground floor and replication of opening/closing nearby doors also proved not to be the source.  The incident remains unexplained.
15 October 2010 - Office Block in Crewe : We were given an exclusive opportunity to be the first to investigate an office block in Crewe where there have been various reports of unexplainable sightings over recent years.  The most common incident reported is that of a male in a tweed jacket, who has apparently been seen regularly on the 8th floor.  Other sightings include a female ‘cloaked figure’ on the 5th floor and a ‘shadowy’ figure on the 4th floor.  Four nights prior to our overnight investigation, we set up a voice-activated audio recorder on the 8th floor to get an idea of noise levels throughout the night.  During this period, we had eight activations between the hours of 8.00pm & 1.00am (train noise) and three activations between 5.00am/9.00am. One was a train and the other two a police car.  Thermometer recordings indicated that the temperature stayed consist between 23.0c and 23.4c.  On the actual night of the investigation we had numerous incidents reported, most notably was that four people felt a temperature drop on the 8th floor (Grey Room) between 9:38pm and 9:42pm.  Unfortunately there was no thermometer nearby to scientifically back up this evidence.  Some investigators reported a ‘dragging’ sound above the 8th floor (Orange Room).  However on further investigation, we checked the signing in book on Reception and discovered that a member of staff had come in to work on the 9th floor.  One investigator reported feeling ‘uncomfortable’ during a couple of sessions and another reported seeing a figure but this was deemed to be of a rational explanation.  On review of our CCTV footage, we did capture an anomalous light at 12:25am on the 5th floor.  It only appears once throughout the whole night and the area was vacant at the time of the incident.
18 September 2010 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : Almost four years since our last vigil here, we decided to re-visit this remote churchyard which this year celebrates it's 860th anniversary.  There was nothing of significance to report.
17 July 2010 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire : We took a number of guests to this location which we are now well familiar with. We have never had an event at this site that couldn't be explained, that was until now. Sometime shortly after midnight, we were all located in Wilstrop Wood when one of our guests clearly heard the sound of a horse 'neighing'. She described the sound as "crystal clear" so it was doubtful that this was caused by a horse in a nearby field. Also worth noting that the surrounding fields mainly contain crops and wheat etc, not animals. Could this have been the sound of one of the horses from the battle that took place back in 1644? There was one other incident whereby an investigator heard a "male voice mumbling" whilst walking past the burial pit towards the monument; this event took place at 11am approx the following morning.

21 May 2010 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : After eleven years and forty plus overnight vigils, this was to be our final overnight investigation at the school. The keys had just been passed over to the Demolition team and we very fortunate to be given exclusive access to the whole building. Only one incident to report on the night. At the start of session two at 10:50pm, all of the team were located in the upper room on the wing of the school when a couple of investigators reported seeing "a shadow pass under the door". The incident was investigated immediately and there was no known cause found. There was one other event whereby an investigator thought they may have seen a figure in the Reception area but after further discussion with other team members, we discovered it was one of our crew. Demolition work started shortly after our final investigation at what has been our most interesting venue to date. The school was finally brought to the ground in August 2010. We would personally like to thank the following for all of their kind help during the case: Adrian Marchbank & Chris Cockcroft (Egerton House), Joan McAuslane (Cavendish Enterprise Centre), Peter Johns & Geoff Boden (Wirral Borough Council).

6 March 2010 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Equipment and investigators were deployed accordingly and session times ran similar to the last vigil in the hope that the female voice would return. We were doubtful it would, and we were right! The vigil was really quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

23 January 2010 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : After a six month break from investigating, we returned yet again to our exclusive venue in Birkenhead and we were not to be disappointed! At 8:09pm during the first session, two investigators heard a female voice call out 'hello'; the voice appeared to be coming from the toilet area on the ground floor. During the second session at 9.50pm (same location) the female voice was heard again calling out 'hello'; and this time it was witnessed by three investigators. Interesting to note, two of the investigators witnessed the same thing back in July 2007 at almost exactly the same time! Unfortunately, we didn't get any audio recordings of the events. We did 'sort of' replicate the incident by calling 'hello' through the bottom of the fire doors (from outside), but at five metres away the sound was deemed more distant. It is highly unlikely that someone was in the 'locked' grounds but we do not have proof that there wasn't.

18 July 2009 - Private Residence, Woodchurch : We were asked to investigate a three bedroom property and like many times before, we didn't have much to report. We did however have one event during our second session of the vigil. An apple was found sizzling on the cooker. All attendees confirmed that they had not been near the kitchen area prior to the session start and on questioning the owners of the house, they were adamant that they had not left the cooker on and they assured us that they always switch this off at the mains on the wall. However, it is worth noting that just before we arrived the owners had just returned from a shopping trip and were in a rush to leave the house (so we could have sole access to the house.) They had left their groceries on the kitchen surfaces (some of which were next to the cooker). Therefore, we can only assume that in this instance the cooker was accidentally left on and at some point during our investigation the bag of apples had slipped and thus one of them fell on to the cooker.

11 July 2009 - Private Residence, Blackpool : We were contacted by ASSAP to investigate a property in Blackpool. After the client was interviewed, we decided to hold a vigil which proved inconclusive. We suspect that a sleeping disorder, environmental conditions and other natural explanations are the more likely cause of the activity reported, therefore it was decided a follow-up vigil would not be required.

4 April 2009 - Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, Lancs : This was our long awaited charity vigil and the team raised funds for S.O.P.H.I.E. (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere). The event was attended by founder of the charity, Sylvia Lancaster and two reporters from the local press. Alas the vigil was very quiet and the only incident to report was one of our members sensed something within the auditorium; one of the reporters also submitted a report on her findings but again we must point out that these type of incidents are a single person's experience and therefore cannot be measured scientifically.

14 March 2009 - Beverley Friary, East Yorkshire : As part of the ASSAP Training Weekend, we took part in an overnight vigil at Beverley Friary, which is today run as a Youth Hostel. There was nothing significant to report.

21 February 2009 - Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hartlepool : After a long journey up north, we held an overnight vigil at a Public House in Hartlepool in which the clients had reported various incidents in the cellar and reports of a figure which has been seen in the corridor between the toilet areas. Unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

13 February 2009 - Packhorse Bridge & Caergwrle Castle : Our previous vigil at the bridge back in August 2005 proved uneventful, despite being dubbed in the newspapers as 'very active'. We decided to re-visit this site during restoration work which is often said to provoke paranormal activity. However, yet again the night was extremely quiet and after another trek up to the nearby castle, this also proved to be inactive.

10 January 2009 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Another return to our exclusive venue. Looking back at our time here, although most of our vigils have appeared to have been relatively quiet, most of our best experiences and evidence have been collected here. However on this occasion, although we stayed much longer than usual, there was nothing significant to report.

25 October 2008 - Private Residence, Congleton : We were contacted by ASSAP to investigate a small two bedroom property in Congleton, Cheshire. The owner has reported various unexplained incidents both auditory and visual that appear to be happening on a regular basis. After interviewing the witness, we decided to proceed with a vigil in which there were two incidents to report. The first was at 10:35pm when two investigators heard something on the stairwell which coincided with other investigators taking photographs downstairs after they thought they had seen a shadow. The other incident was reported by one of the residents whom apparently had heard a voice in the bedroom at about 1:30am; there was nothing significant picked up by any audio device.

19 July 2008 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire : You can always guarantee some rain on outdoor investigations, and this was certainly no exception. On arrival, the weather conditions were so bad, we almost decided to abandon the vigil. Fortunately, there was a break in the clouds and apart from another short but heavy shower, it remained dry throughout the night. Most of our time was spent on Cromwells Clump and Elstrop Wood in which we stayed overnight. As for anything paranormal, there was not a single event to report.

17 May 2008 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe : After our previous active vigil here back in February, we just had to come back to this fantastic venue. Everyone was excited, expectations were very high and of course, absolutely nothing happened! We did get a chance to spend some time trying to replicate the footsteps incident that occurred on our previous visit and came to no conclusive conclusion and thus, remains unexplained.

26 April 2008 - A Pub in Liverpool : Footsteps & glasses breaking have recently been witnessed at this public house within Liverpool City Centre.  There was also something that one of the witnesses would not share, and that was their experience in the cellar under the staircase.  Unfortunately the vigil was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

8 March 2008 - Farmhouse in Maeshafn, near Mold : It was decided to hold a vigil at a farmhouse near Mold in Flintshire. We had been informed that there appeared to be a presence in the building which is located about half a mile from the nearest road. So we dragged our equipment across a few muddy fields in order to reach our destination and spent some time in a very cold damp building in the hope that we might capture some evidence. Unfortunately not long after we arrived, the weather conditions turned against us and the wind picked up so most of the sounds heard during the vigil, were because of this.  However, at 10:50pm during a formal ‘quiet’ session with all present seated, two investigators heard what sounded like “a bouncy ball being dropped”.  It is thought that the source of the sound is that of a nearby stable door but to date has yet to be proven.

29 February 2008 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : This year celebrated 100 years since the school was built so we invited some guests to join us on our investigation. A windy night meant that the building noise levels were high obviously due to weather conditions. However, we did have one incident when all present were located on the first floor. Various members reported hearing a voice on several occasions and appeared to be ongoing. Incidents like these do tend to have natural explanations but curiosity meant we had to investigate. Members were asked to flash their torch when the voice was heard and on many occasions, two or three torches would flash at the same time. This proved that those reporting the sound, were all hearing the same thing. The second part of the investigation, we had one member located on the ground floor to try and determine if there was anything else that tied in with the event. One investigator then briefly transmitted over a two-way radio and after some time, we discovered that the voice was coinciding with the main doors rattling due to the wind problem solved! So although an interesting vigil, there was nothing else significant to report.

9 February 2008 - Winter Gardens, Morecambe : At last, an active investigation! The most significant incident took place at 10:14pm when six investigators heard what sounded like 'footsteps' that appeared to come from the gallery next to the ladies bar. There were four other people on site at the time of the incident and we can account for all but one. We thought that the 'missing' person was in the shop area (away from the sound source) and after contacting him, he confirmed this was the case. There are other possibilities that could explain the incident but to rule these out would require a follow-up investigation. Other reported events included one team member claimed that something brushed against his leg (like a cat tail) and a traffic cone appeared to move on its own, hotspots (not coldspots) were felt in the cellar area and stairwell next to the reputedly haunted box, problems with battery drainage on a few two-way radios (although they appeared to function correctly after re-charging the batteries) and finally, one guest member claims to have been pushed over on leaving the main area of the auditorium. A not so quiet night for a change and plenty of work for our investigators analysing the evidence afterwards.

18 January 2008 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk : This was our second vigil here, whereby, we again covered the same two rooms of the hotel; the Thomas Payne Suite and Room 11. Not exactly a quiet night but this was mainly due to a residential party (not the paranormal!) Again, nothing significant to report and no repeat of any temperature fluctuations which we had last time; although these were almost certainly due to a defect with the thermometer that was used.

4 January 2008 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele & Churchyard in North Wales : After the long awaited sale of the castle last year, we paid a final visit to this derelict site before the start of it's major renovation. It was very quiet and calm with not a great deal to report. On our way home we stopped off at a churchyard not far from Bodelwyddan. The group had been given information that there had been recent reports of activity here but unfortunately it was just another venue with not much action!

20 October 2007 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : A change from the normal vigil schedule, it was decided to have a night based on experiments and theories. We carried out an infrasound experiment, and to keep an open mind we did a 'scrying' exercise (following up from a recent experience at Plas Teg); we also tested out our new backup CCTV system which now extends our collection to three separate systems.

29 September 2007 - Plas Teg, Pontyblyddyn : We followed up our investigation on the Wrexham/Mold Road with a vigil at Plas Teg. The investigation was run by another paranormal group (there wasn't enough of our own investigators or cash to meet the minimum requirement!) It was a little less scientific than we expected and there were far too many incidents to report mainly due to suggestion, hysteria, etc. Amidst the hype, there were some interesting experiences worthy of noting. One member reported having their 'hair touched / played with' in the Panelled Room and many reported the room 'getting colder'. However, there was a definite draught in this room so it was highly likely that this was a probable cause. One of our members were witness to an interesting 'scrying' session in the Crib Room whereby the subject appeared to stoop, as well as change to their facial features. A possible explanation for this could be that this phenomenon is almost the same as that of the more commonly known 'magic eye' pictures. Throughout the night, some members came up with identical names which was probably the most fantastic bit of telepathy, or more likely just a coincidence. An interesting night but disappointing that we didn't get to investigate more areas within the building. Ideally, we would have liked to have been given the opportunity to try and replicate the incident we had in the Indian Bedroom on our previous vigil back in 2004.

8 September 2007 - The Hangars, Hooton Park : Our third visit to this former aircraft hangar site. On this occasion, we investigated both Hangars 1 and 2 but unfortunately the vigil was very quiet with not one single incident to report.

31 August 2007 - Wrexham/Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn : We first investigated the A541 dual carriageway almost four years ago. The hotspot in particular is situated outside one of North Wales' alleged most haunted houses, Plas Teg near Mold. There have been many "single car" traffic accidents along this stretch of road whereby motorists have reported seeing white misty shapes, causing them to brake or swerve; the road is also said to be patrolled by phantom horsemen, normally seen at dusk during the months of September and October. There are many signposts along this stretch of road which reflect car headlights in various directions which could explain these white misty shapes. However, we drove along the carriageway many times but could not replicate this. That is not to say that under certain environmental conditions and/or positioning of passing vehicles, this could actually be the cause.

28 July 2007 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Only one incident to report from an otherwise quiet vigil. At 9:50pm, all of the investigators where located in the ground floor corridor near to the reception area when two members heard very clearly, a female voice say "hello". We tried several ways of replicating the event but without success.

9 June 2007 - Old House Museum, Bakewell : There have been several reported incidents at this 16th century museum which was the venue for an investigation run by another paranormal group. The group were very friendly and the vigil itself was well organised, but unfortunately, it was all too similar to a popular paranormal programme. There was only one incident to report which occurred on the first floor. Towards the end of the investigation, an unexplained mark (about 30cm) had appeared (at head height) on one of the glass display cabinets. Members of the paranormal group were ascertain that it wasn't there earlier. However, one of our group members had taken a photograph in the area earlier on which clearly shows that the mark "was" there beforehand.

19 May 2007 - The Hangars, Hooton Park : We returned to this venue for a follow-up investigation where we focused on Hangar One and the Compressor Room. The vigil was very quiet with only one incident worthy of mentioning. At 12:57am, two investigators heard a sound similar to heel-like footsteps emanating from the centre of Hangar One. The Hangar is prone to a lot of "building settling" noise so it is quite possible that this was the cause.

25 March 2007 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Several incidents took place during a daytime vigil at the former school. A metallic 'dink' sound was heard in the cellar (as if a nail had been thrown at the generator). Maybe the generator itself produced this sound? When the generator re-started, we then waited a while but it failed to replicate the sound that was originally heard. A rattling of doors was heard in the ground floor corridor. Measurement of external wind was over 9mph so it was quite possible that this was the cause. In the cellar again, a 'sniff' was heard at what appeared to be at close range. However we managed to replicate this event by confirming that it was most probably someone walking past the building outside. The final incident was probably the most intriguing. Whilst packing away in the first floor corridor at 10:33pm, a groan/voice accompanied by what sounded like a chair being scraped along the floor was heard by two investigators. At the same time, one other investigator heard a voice call out in an urgent manner. Overall, quite a busy vigil, although the majority of events may just have been of natural causes.

3 March 2007 - Castell Dinas Bran, Llangollen : The group decided to take a break from "normal" investigations to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse, an event that was planned almost three years ago! After a brief visit to Valle Crucis Abbey, we then ventured on a very tiresome two hour walk to the top of Dinas Bran. There we witnessed what has been described as the best Total Lunar Eclipse in the UK for fifteen years! And although this event was a break from the norm, one investigator did have an unusual experience on a path just off Dinas Bran. He heard a male voice call out behind him, the words were a little unclear but sounded similar to "come 'ere".

26 January 2007 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : After the "bobbing light" incident at our previous vigil here, we decided to re-visit and investigate further. Some of the gravestones in the area of the sighting did reflect light more than others and we managed to replicate the event quite easily. However, the investigators whom originally witnessed the event were not present to confirm that this was what they had seen. There was a slight possibility that a couple of investigators where subject to a time slip (which is known to occur here). But with no scientific evidence, this can only be put down as a personal experience. And finally, on review of one of our recordings, sounds similar to breathing and the words "hallelujah" can be heard although these may just have been misinterpreted as it was quite windy. So, nothing to report of major significance but it was another eventful vigil at an otherwise quiet and remote churchyard!

12 January 2007 - Private Residence, Waterloo, Liverpool : Since moving into the property a couple of years ago, the residents of the house (and interestingly, also neighbours in the adjoining terraces) have noticed an increasing number of unexplainable incidents. After the owners requested the services of a 'medium' they were advised that there are four 'presences' at the property. The reported phenomena have centered around electrical items, the moving of children's toys and even a great deal of tidying up! Other incidents have included an imprint suddenly appear on a leather chair as though someone had sat down on it, the sound of loud exhalations and footsteps. Only recently those living in the house have begun to see apparitions of children. We did not experience anything of any significance during the vigil.

12 November 2006 - Hoole Hall Hotel, Chester : Over the past few years, many unexplained incidents have taken place at the hotel. In particular, the corridor outside the staff headquarters in the original part of the hotel appears to be the most active. Staff have heard unexplainable knocks upon on their doors and the sounds of children playing have been heard. It has also been suggested that a presence of a lady or young child have been sensed again within the old part of the hotel. We did have a few minor visual incidents during our vigil which took place around the entrance to the staircase and landing; nothing could be concluded on review of our video footage. There were also some reports of cold spots in the entrance area (behind staircase). A possible explanation could have been put down to the strong draught which was gathering in this area.

16 September 2006 - Ye Olde Mailcoach Inn, Conwy : There have been recent reports of activity in the flats above this public house. Objects have been mysteriously moved and doors have been heard opening and closing. Previous occupants where also said to have been woken up by unexplained bangs etc. Next door to the Inn is a bakery, where apparently some staff have had experiences of being touched when alone in the building. Unfortunately, there was nothing significant to report during our overnight investigation.

15 to 16 September 2006 - A Farmhouse in North Wales : We were contacted by ASSAP to investigate an intriguing case in North Wales whereby graffiti in the form of stains and carvings have been materialising on the walls, fireplace and other objects. The words are all Welsh and usually of a religious nature. Another common occurrence is that a large figurine of an owl moves of it's own accord, sometimes into another room! The owl is four feet high and weighs approximately 13 stone. A dark figure (supposedly a monk known as "Brother Doli") has been seen regularly. Unexplained sounds such as footsteps and chanting have been heard, and there have also been reports of temperature drops. The main focus was on the lounge so that is where we setup our equipment and spent most of our time during our weekend investigation. We also visited the nearby "miracle field" where allegedly the Virgin Mary materialised in front of passers-by back in 1996. The only incident to report from our investigation is that on the Saturday at 6:26pm, the owners pointed out two "new" stains had appeared on the lounge walls. "fel-droid" appeared behind the chair to the left of the fireplace, the nearest Welsh word to this is "pel-droed" meaning "football". "beibl" (meaning bible) appeared under the right side of the main window. Using photographic evidence, we can confirm that these stains did appear on the photo's taken shortly after our arrival on Saturday afternoon. They do not show in any photographs that were taken before our departure on late Friday evening. However, we do not have sufficient evidence to prove that the incidents were paranormal. Important to note that the stains became more apparent at dusk when lighting conditions were changing rapidly. In summary, whilst this was a really interesting case, we do have to question the authenticity of the phenomena.

19 August 2006 - Private Residence, Netherley : We received a request for help from a concerned resident after she reported strange phenomena occurring at her three bedroom house in Liverpool. The lady had moved into the premises three years ago and it was 18 months later that unexplainable events started to occur. These incidents included various bangs, thuds and tapping throughout the house. Footsteps have been heard emanating from the master bedroom. A dark figure has been seen in various parts of the house. Cold spots have been experienced, particularly in the conservatory and the owner also reports the cold spots being on or around her right side. Also, the owner reports a sudden unexplainable weakness to her right arm. The Saturday before our investigation the family were so terrified that they fled to the owner's mother's house at 2am. Several family members have been witness to various incidents. Shortly after we arrived at the house the owner showed us some unusual photographs that she had taken, but unfortunately the quality was very poor and they had been taken with an inexpensive mini digital camera. During the setup of our equipment, we did experience some EMF fluctuations in the lounge, but as for the remainder of the vigil all was very quiet and there was nothing else significant to report. We have since kept in contact with the owner and things have been particularly quiet since our visit.

22 July 2006 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : A year since our first visit, we decided to hold another vigil at this isolated Churchyard in Cheshire. We had a number of incidents whereby members reported sightings of unexplainable lights. In particular, at 11:10pm approx, two investigators witnessed a blue "bobbing" light to the north west of the church, just past the dip of the cemetery. We immediately investigated this area but nothing could be found. We then tried to replicate the incident and more or less ruled out any flashlights being used by investigators; the incident remains unsolved.

24 June 2006 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Our second visit of the year to this venue. Although the vigil was very quiet, a few members did report some unusual sounds/movement which appeared to come from the reception stairwell on the ground floor. The incidents were similar to events witnessed on a previous vigil held on 25 January 2003.

13 May 2006 - Private Residence, Marford : We were approached by the owner of a property in Marford and asked to carry out an investigation. Two separate witnesses claim to have seen a male figure in a brown polar-necked jumper in the front lounge. He has been seen leaning against the wall of the fireplace, standing by the table in the centre of the room and also by the front window looking out. Another figure has allegedly been seen in the attic, and a third witness claims to have felt a presence at the top of the staircase on the first floor. As far as we know, there have been no previous reports of paranormal activity at the house and it was only when major refurbishment commenced a few weeks ago that these incidents occurred. Refurbishment is still ongoing, so the timing for our vigil was perfect as it is noted in many cases that unusual events tend to occur during this period. Unfortunately, all was extremely quiet and even the normal building settling sounds failed to keep us awake! However, on review of our audio recordings, we picked up some unusual sounds whilst all members were located away from the premises. Whilst we suspect the cause was probably much more mundane, the event remains unexplained.

22 to 23 April 2006 - A Victorian House in Rock Ferry : We returned for a follow-up vigil, extending the event to midday on the Sunday due to activity being reported during the morning hours. It was Ghanon's longest running vigil to date with eight controlled sessions taking place over a period of sixteen hours. So surely something must have happened? Absolutely not! The vigil was very quiet and once again we left with nothing significant to report.

11 March 2006 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : After a year break, the group returned to their exclusive venue which marked the 65th anniversary since the fateful bomb raids on the area during World War II. There was only one incident to report from the vigil which occurred at 1:17am. A very distinctive knock/crack was heard possibly on an internal window in the ground floor corridor near Reception; a possible explanation could have been expansion or shrinkage due to temperature.

17 February 2006 - Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire : Hidden and secluded down a mile long dirt track, this gothic mansion looks like everything you would expect in a classic "haunted house". There have been many recent reports of both auditory and visual phenomena throughout the building, but as usual, our vigil was very quiet. We did however have one incident when one team member claims that he heard a voice followed by footsteps whilst changing tapes in the cellar at 4:28am.

21 January 2006 - The Hangars, Hooton Park : Used during both World Wars, it is said that the hangars and airfield are haunted by the ghost of a pilot who never returned from battle. A worker at a nearby factory claims that one night when he was driving down the road alongside the hangars, the pilot appeared in his car and then suddenly vanished. The sounds of a plane engine have been heard inside Hangar One and we actually witnessed this event during our vigil but on investigation the cause was found to be that of the auto flush system in the gents toilets - one mystery solved! The only other incident to report occurred just before the vigil began. All members of the group were located in a nearby portacabin when at 11:01pm, everyone heard the sound of an "engine running" which lasted for 3 to 4 seconds approx; the auto flush was not the source on this occasion.

19 November 2005 - A Victorian House in Rock Ferry : We were asked to carry out an investigation at a Victorian house in Rock Ferry were there have been various reports of paranormal activity. Although most of the vigil was relatively quiet, some incidents were witnessed. The first took place between 10:35pm and 10:40pm when creaking/footstep-like sounds were heard in the basement/stairwell area. A camcorder placed on the floor above did not pickup any sounds so we are unsure to what the source was. The most active period of the vigil was between 12:28am and 12:59am. Movement of floorboards on the landing area adjacent to the lounge was felt by one investigator on three separate occasions. It was noted during the site survey beforehand that this would occur if someone was walking in the lounge but obviously during the vigil, all attendees where seated, so this was not the case. The only other possible explanation is if the floorboards adjoin to the house next door. Other events witnessed during this session where at 12:38am when two attendees both saw something move quickly in the hall corridor, an icy cold feeling was noted in the same area four minutes later which may possibly have been caused by a nearby draught, although another investigator also had a similar experience at exactly the same time but in a different part of the house.

14 to 16 October 2005 Leasowe Castle, Wirral : We spent a full weekend in one of the haunted rooms of a hotel where there have been recent reports of alleged activity. One witness claimed that they refused to stay in the room after hearing a voice in the adjourning corridor, followed by a sudden drop in temperature. Unfortunately our stay was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

24 September 2005 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele : A return trip was made to this once thriving castle and we managed to come away with some puzzling incidents - which makes a change! The first incident took place at 10:59pm when three investigators heard what were described as footsteps on gravel at the top of the marble staircase. Other team members also heard similar sounds later on during the vigil, some being likened to animal movement. The footsteps reported by the first three investigators were said to be heavy so it poses the question whether if an animal could have been the source or not. The second incident occurred twice in the Chapel. At 00:04am, an investigator announced on the 2-way radio that the session had ended, a male voice saying "hello" was transmitted but only to team members in the Chapel, but the voice did not belong to anyone in the group. Then again at 00:45am, after an announcement to commence a session, a male voice saying "buzz" was transmitted only to the investigators in the Chapel. We tried to replicate the event but with no similar results. It is highly likely that these incidents were caused by interference but strange nevertheless.

1 August 2005 - Packhorse Bridge & Caergwrle Castle : There have been several alleged sightings of a figure on the footbridge which stands peacefully over the River Alyn. Shortly after we arrived, we decided to take a walk up to the ruins of Caergwrle Castle which was far from peaceful due to a large number of kids camping out. At the castle ruins, there have been reported sightings of a lady in black wearing a hat and she appears to be floating above ground. The dark figure is said to have been seen along the footpath and in the surrounding woodland. We then returned to the bridge for a while but unfortunately there was nothing significant to report.

16 July 2005 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire : We made a return trip to Marston Moor where we spent most of our time at Cromwell's Clump and Elstrop Wood. All was quiet and still with nothing significant to report.

3 June 2005 - St Edith's Churchyard, Shocklach : We held a vigil at a remote churchyard where activity has been reported in recent years. The vigil was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

7 May 2005 - Gwrych Castle, Abergele : We were invited by North Wales Paranormal Research (group now disbanded) to a vigil at the castle, a venue that they have been investigating for a number of years. This once thriving castle was last inhabited in 1991 but has unfortunately since been badly vandalised and is now virtually in disrepair. Many parts of the castle are said to be haunted; the most active areas being the marble staircase and the servant's headquarters. The only incidents to report from the vigil was at 10:30pm approx when three investigators had just entered the "garage" area, they briefly saw a bright orange/white light to the side of the castle, on investigation the source of the light could not be found and no other investigators where in that particular area. About five minutes after the event, the same group heard two dog barks. Again there didn't appear to be anyone within the specific area, but interesting to note that the members of the group were close to where the old dog kennels were located.

2 & 9 April 2005 - The Old Hall Hotel, Sandbach : Two vigils were held in Room 11 which is reputedly the hotel's most haunted room. An old lady is said to sit in the chair to the left of the bed and guests have jumped out of bed at around 3am with the sensation of the bed being on fire. Two young girls believed to be prostitutes have been heard giggling and opening doors, objects mysteriously move in the night, and guests taking a bath have felt as though they have been pushed on the shoulders. The most famous sighting is that of the Beekeeper who has allegedly been seen in various parts of the hotel. As for the vigils, both were very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

12 March 2005 - Deva Roman Experience, Chester : We were given the privilege of investigating what has recently been claimed in a local newspaper as "the most active building in Chester". Unfortunately we were unable to confirm this statement as the vigil was very quiet. However, we did have two incidents reported. The first reported incident was at 11:41pm when one member of the group quietly spoke out, the lights suddenly dimmed. This could not be replicated so possibly just a coincidence. The second incident was reported by one of the guest attendees who claims to have seen a small light appear on the wall of the cellar at 12:59am.

19 February 2005 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : A windy night, so it was obvious that there would be plenty of incidents reported. The first incident reported was at 10:40pm when various members experienced a sudden drop in temperature throughout the building. A shadow-like triangle was sighted near to the reception area, and footsteps were heard, followed by a cellar door opening/closing. These three separate incidents were witnessed by various members at the same time, surely Paranormal? Maybe not! One of the groups located on the first floor near the ladies toilets noted a gust of wind travelling up from the stairwell which leads down to the ground floor then on to the cellar. On investigation we noticed a draught under the fire doors located opposite the cellar door. On opening the cellar door, an even stronger draught was emitted. We are almost certain that all three events were triggered by this draught. At 11:39pm, one group who were located on the first floor, witnessed the EM meter (which measures change in nearby magnetic fields) sounding for 20 seconds approx. After reviewing the minidisc recording there was no such sound, although during session breaks, when people passed the meter you could clearly hear it. Looking back at the vigil notes, one member who was located on the ground floor, noted that their camera film had finished and started rewinding, a sound easily mistaken for the EM meter. There were plenty of other sounds heard during the vigil but as mentioned previously, the source was most probably of external origin.

7 February 2005 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire : We recently discovered further information about the alleged "haunted bridge" in a guide book written fifteen years ago. Apparently, the ghost of a servant woman walks from the ruins of a stone hut towards the bridge, under her arm she carries her own severed head. Local superstition says that if you see her you will die within the year! The ruins can be found to the right of the bridge, along the sandy track and up the bank on the far side. As for the vigil, there was nothing significant to report. We did leave a digital recorder at the bridge (whilst we made our way up into the hills) in an attempt to catch the sounds of the horse drawn carriage which is supposedly heard crossing the bridge; there was nothing to report after review of the recording.

22 January 2005 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : There were many incidents reported (for a change!) during the vigil. Various loud thuds and what sounded like distant music was heard on the first floor but it was later discovered that both of these were created by a crane working on a nearby railway. One member felt that they had been touched on the back and hair (cellar). Footsteps were heard on the far stairwell, although we are well aware that this location is prone to external sounds, and the sound of a door slamming was heard from the same location. The latter incident was witnessed by three members and was thought to originate from the ground floor, but on questioning other team members, no-one else heard the sound. Could this also have been external? The only other incident to note is that the old mystery of the 'heavy footsteps' sound recorded back in October 1999 has been solved and proven.

20 November 2004 - Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen : A quiet night with not a great deal of activity. The only incident to report was one of our new members claimed that they felt the presence of a young confused boy. We must point out that this was a single person's experience and therefore, could not be measured scientifically. Again, we had some problems with equipment but this may have been caused by the cold temperatures.

17 October 2004 - The Bell Inn, Thetford, Norfolk : Our vigil covered two rooms of the hotel, the original "haunted" room (Thomas Payne Suite) and room 11 where there has been a lot of recent activity. Although the night was very quiet we did have two incidents with equipment located in room 11. A thermometer was fluctuating for no apparent reason and we had a problem with one of the CCTV cameras.

11 September 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : Some people claim that using equipment can deter any paranormal activity and since we have previously witnessed unexplained incidents whereby equipment was not allocated, we decided it would be worthwhile running a vigil without any equipment. Due to the high winds outside, the loading bay doors in the centre of the building were constantly banging and producing very loud thuds. However, we did have one incident in the reception area at 12:10am, a short voice/breathing sound was heard by three members of the group. Unfortunately, we cannot analyse this sound as we had no equipment!!! But would we have witnessed this event otherwise??

13 August 2004 - The Woodland, Whitby, Ellesmere Port : There have been various reports of recent activity at this popular local pub. In the cellar, a shadow-like figure has been seen, beer barrels have been mysteriously disconnected and a locked winch system appears to unlock and then relock itself. On the stairs leading from the cellar to the bar, there have been reports of "something" rushing past a member of staff. Also, in the bar area, unidentified sounds have been heard and staff members have felt they are being watched whilst near the ice machine. During our vigil, there were a few reported incidents but all were found to be of known causes.

29 July 2004 - Peckforton Hills, Cheshire : The sounds of a horse drawn carriage have supposedly been heard along what is known to the locals as "the haunted bridge". Four pieces of equipment failed or functioned incorrectly during the investigation. Normally we would dismiss these failures as they tend to have "normal" explanations but we felt that it was significant to document this. A few days after the vigil, one of the items of equipment was found to be faulty.

17 July 2004 - Marston Moor, North Yorkshire : We invited members of North Wales Paranormal Research (group now disbanded) to join us on this investigation which marked the 360th anniversary of the battle. The only two incidents to report were as follows. At 10:15pm, we all stopped suddenly as gunshot-type sounds could be heard, this went on for approximately 8 minutes, it was agreed by all that a more plausible explanation for the sounds could have been fireworks being set off in the distance. The second incident was at 1:15am when we all heard what sounded like "horses hooves" travelling slowly along the main road, as the sounds got closer it became apparent that the sounds heard were of a female walking home with her partner.

13 June 2004 - A Hotel in Liverpool City Centre : There have been several reports of a black shadow-like figure seen walking through the bar and also in the rear service area by an old unused lift shaft. It is said that many years ago, a worker sent the lift down not knowing his colleague was at the bottom; he was crushed to death. The only incident to report from our vigil was two members heard miscellaneous sounds in the rear service area at around midnight, on investigation the source could not be located.

15 May 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead : The history of this case shows that paranormal activity is relatively high when the weather outside is hot. The conditions for this vigil were perfect but unfortunately it was another quiet night with nothing significant to report.

17 April 2004 - Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen : This vigil will probably be best remembered by a group of nearby campers walking through the grounds with sheets over their heads!! Luckily the rain started to fall which probably scared them off so we managed to hold a decent vigil without too much interruption. There was nothing else significant to report.

28 February 2004 - Plas Teg, Pontyblyddyn : A medium from another paranormal group was present on this vigil whereby some of our members had some interesting experiences. As none of these experiences could be measured scientifically, possible explanations could be that of auto suggestion or hysteria. The only other event to report is a possible sighting of a male figure in the Indian Bedroom, there were two witnesses although one of the members only "saw something in the corner of his eye".

13 February 2004 - Former Banana Warehouse, Birkenhead : Our vigil at this site consisted of all 12 members of the group plus 2 employees from the building who were interested to see how we carry out our investigations. Unfortunately, the night was very quiet and there was nothing significant to report.

25 January 2004 - Wrexham/Mold Road, Pontyblyddyn : Situated outside Plas Teg, the A541 dual carriageway has had numerous sightings reported of a lady in white. The only incident to report from our investigation was a loud thud heard in one of the cars which on further investigation was caused by a mobile phone dropping out of one of the member's pockets; the sound was replicated to confirm this. There was nothing else significant to report.

16 January 2004 - Former Brassey Street School, Birkenhead - This was the first vigil run by Ghanon. Nothing paranormal to report, however there were many orbs recorded by one of the CCTV cameras (it is worth noting that this was the only infra-red camera used, the remainder were non infra-red). As there were some new investigators on the vigil, one member demonstrated to show that these were actually dust particles or moisture reflecting the infra-red light back to the camera as they passed near to the lens. The test was carried out by waving a folder in front of the camera and thus, the orbs would follow the direction of the draught caused by the group member.